1. Winners of the competition in the previous season are not eligible to audition again this season.
  2. Contestant must be a current member in good standing of the HPYS Youth Symphony.
  3. Contestant must audition on the instrument s/he currently plays in HPYS.
  4. Contestant must be fully prepared to perform one movement from a concerto in the standard orchestral repertoire or a composition of similar stature with an orchestral accompaniment that is readily available and has been approved by the music director by February 9, 2017.
  5. The movement or work must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes in length.
  1. Auditions will be performed with piano accompaniment. Contestants must provide their own accompanists. It is in your best interest to find the best possible piano accompanist–someone who accompanies professionally, and is familiar with orchestral repertoire and concerto competitions.
  2. Contestants must furnish at least two (2) copies of the solo part of their composition for the judges’ use. These may be photocopied and measure numbers are not required.
  3. Auditions are closed to the public and to contestants’ family members.
  4. Enter the audition room warmed up and ready to perform.
  5. First impressions are important to the judges. This includes appearance and dress.
  6. Because of time limitations, judges may ask the contestant to stop or cut to another spot. This is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of performance.
  7. Memorization is not required, but is strongly recommended.
  1. Judges may elect to choose a single winner, several winners, or no winner. Their decision is final.
  2. The winner(s) of this competition will perform with the Youth Symphony on one of its concerts in the 2016-17 or 2017-2018 season as mutually agreeable to the performer and music director.

Important Dates

  • January 25, 2017 – Deadline for notifying conductor of proposed concerto
  • February 2, 2017 – Application due by 5pm. Late or incomplete registration will not be accepted. Incomplete registration information may disqualify an applicant.
  • February 25, 2017 (12:00pm – 3:00pm) – Auditions! Specific time assignment will be communicated via email by February 16, 2017. Assigned audition times are firm.

How to Apply?

Click the link below to download the PDF form. Submit the form to Mr. Sheppard or Ms. Arrigo. For questions, contact Operations Manager, Alyssa Arrigo at


All Hyde Park Youth Symphony members


12:00pm – 3:00pm
Saturday, February 25, 2017


Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts
915 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637

*Street parking is available